About Us

 Meta Smart is the exclusive distributor of the USA nutritive supplements Add A Scoop,products are tested , approved and registered in USA , Canada , UK and now in UAE & Egypt.

شركة ميتا سمارت للتجارة العامة الوكيل الحصري و الموزع الوحيد للمكملات الغذائية اد سكوب الامريكية فائقة الجودة معتمده من الصحة الامريكية و الكندية و البريطانية و الان في الامارات و مصر .

Weight control group

 مجموعه متميزة للسيطرة علي زيادة الوزن. 

 Unique selection to control weight the natural way .  

*Trim & Fit with 4 powerful ingredients to help control weight.

**Fiber Blend that  promotes the movement of material through your digestive system .

***Probiotic that  Promotes a healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system. 

Health Boosters

 Our unique products portfolio has something for everyone, body building proteins , digestive health boosters, weight control supplements , Women Only product plus many others.


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